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Welcome to Kaliandee, home to a range of high-end men’s grooming products; from everyday men’s essentials to premium luxury shaving creams and fragrances. We can provide you with everything you need to take care of your grooming, hair care and skincare needs with style. Our selection includes the basic essentials such as shaving soaps and creams, safety razors and straight razors, styptic pencils and shaving brushes; as well as luxuries and more specialist items like mustache wax and gentlemen’s colognes from some of London’s most established Mayfair barbers.

In our experience, the highest quality and most luxurious to use shaving products are also amongst the best value; a tub of Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving cream, for example, can outlast several cans of foam or tubes of modern shaving gel, while double edge safety razor blades are significantly cheaper than the latest razor cartridges, but provide excellent shaves. A chrome-plated brass safety razor from Germany or England should last longer than a lifetime, while the latest handle from Gillette or Schick is only intended to last until the next model is released.

With this in mind, our aim is to provide a carefully chosen selection of the best products from around the world, from well established brands with hundreds of years of history, to new and innovative manufacturers reinventing traditional products. We intend to please both seasoned wet-shavers with new and interesting products, and those new to traditional wet-shaving with starter sets and an ever-expanding body of information and advice.

For those in need of quality men’s gifts, we also offer a gift wrapping service and a range of gift sets for both beginners and experienced wet-shavers, making it easy for you to pick that perfect present for the wet-shaver in your life. Alternatively, you can give them the option to indulge themselves with a Kaliandee gift certificate. Those wanting to give their loved ones a hint for Christmas or a Birthday can make a wish list by creating a user account on our website.

Customer satisfaction is paramount to us, so please contact us with any questions or feedback you may have.